Kiwanis clubs raise funds for two purposes:  Club administration and community service.  We are required to keep these funds separated such that money raised through community fundraising must be spent in service for the community.  To accomplish this, We deposit community service funds in our club’s 501c3 foundation.  Funds raised for club administration include dues paid by members and money raised at s such as happy dollars and the 50-50 raffle.  We may use these funds for community service, but usually we spend only on club administration.
Each year, the club’s board of directors creates club administration and community service (Foundation) budgets.  These budgets are part of our October board meeting minutes and members can view them on our website at the link for board meeting minutes.
Member Dues
Our Club Policies, which the membership approves, require members to pay dues quarterly based on member status. Kiwanis requires no other fees or assessments.  We have four types of member statuses in our club:
  • Active Member Status ($788 annually) – This is an individual membership that includes the cost of all twenty-four meals during the year.
  • Corporate Member Status ($788 annually) – A company may purchase a membership and designate one employee as the primary member but allows another employee to substitute in attending club luncheons.  This membership includes all twenty-four luncheon meals.
  • Senior Member Status ($512 annually) – A member qualifies for this status after 10 years of Kiwanis membership in any club.  Dues cover one luncheon a month; additional luncheons will be invoiced the following quarter.
  • Special Member Status ($360 annually) – Dues do not cover attended luncheons; members are billed the following quarter for each attended in addition to their regular dues.
Dues Invoice Schedule
Billing Period
Invoice Date
Payment Due Date
First quarter:  October - December
October 1
October 20
Second quarter:  January - March
January 1
January 20
Third quarter:  April - June
April 1
April 20
Fourth quarter:  July - September
July 1
July 20
Upon receiving an invoice, members may pay securely online at the link provided or by check.
New Member Dues
A new member’s initial dues payment is the prorated portion of the quarter in which they join plus the next quarter’s dues.  We will not invoice the member again for the next quarter portion paid with initial dues.  For example, a member who joins in February will pay two months (February and March) of the current quarter plus the next quarter (April – June).  Note that former members of Key Club and CKI pay no dues, only meals, for their first two years of membership.